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This year, I finished writing my book AromatherapyCare4U Or Transformations With Aromatherapy.

My book is a consolidation of my experience using French school aromatherapy, living foods nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It is 600 pages small and took me almost 2 years to write.

There are 4 chapters in my book: 1 - about why I wrote my book and personal transformation, 2 - Individual cases step by step, 3 - about French Aromatherapy, anatomy and wholistic approach to staying well; aromatherapy seminars I attended, 4 - Healthy living foods recipes

I put my heart and soul in my book for others to learn from me. I would love to see this world of less suffering. This book and online information is my contribution to humanity.

I recently created a new public website called Wholistic Approach

Eugeniya Bentsman

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