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  • Paul Tappenden

Welcome to my World

This is my first official post on this web site - the first of many. The others you see here are selected from my more popular Facebook posts, to give folks an idea of the types of posts to expect. Many of you visiting this site will have been following me on Facebook or know me through the workshops and programs that I have run, however, for those of you who have discovered me for the first time, welcome aboard. Fasten your seat belts, and keep your hands inside the car at all times.

One of the reasons for creating this site, is because I am not sure how much longer I will be allowed to post on Facebook, or whether Facebook itself will remain in existence. We are living in an age of uncertainty.

My main objective with this site, is to share my knowledge and experiences with plants and the natural kingdom, and I’m hoping you’ll decide to take the journey with me. I intend to let this site grow as you and I decide what we need. We have build a wonderful nature-based community through social media and I want to ensure that we remain in contact. This web site will give folks a place to go when they want to feel connected to a community where we share and help each other - a place where we can all learn and teach.

I don’t want the site to get political. There are plenty of sites out that deal with world politics. I want it to always remain civil and loving.

As this site is really a skeletal structure at the moment, you can expect to see many changes, as I get feedback and about the needs of the community and learn the growth possibilities of this format.

As many of us are already friends, and know each other pretty well, I am hoping that you will help me by making suggestions for the site and recommending it to others who are interested in learning about edible and medicinal plants and how to use them, while having fun at the same time.

Another big advantage of the site is that folks can come here to purchase my books

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