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  • Paul Tappenden

A Miraculous Cure for Nighttime Leg Cramps

As I am a regular sufferer of nighttime leg cramps, infused Mugwort oil has become my savior. Whenever I feel twinges of cramping coming on, or I am awoken with a painful attack, I immediately reach for my Mugwort oil. After massaging the oil into my legs, I feel that reassuring warm glow, and I am usually able to sleep the night uninterrupted by any further attacks. For someone who had previously tried many other remedies with little success, this oil is a miracle.

I first explored using Mugwort as a treatment many moons ago. Back then it was a far more time consuming and messy process, whereby I made a large pot of strong Mugwort infusion which I poured into a bath of hot water. I then would lay there enjoying the delightful aroma, whilst the aromatic oils in the tea soaked into my muscles. By the time I got out of the bath my muscles were like jello and I had a relaxing tingle all over.

Unfortunately, the clean-up was always time consuming, which is not the best way to maintain that relaxed glow before pouring myself into bed. I needed a quicker and more convenient solution. That was when I came up with the idea of turning Mugwort into an oil.

I filled a jar about an inch from the top with chopped up herb, then topped the jar up with olive oil, so that it covered the plant matter (important for avoiding molding). I made sure the jar was free of any air, as that can turn an oil rancid. Excess moisture will do the same, so I started out with leaves that were free from any water. Sometime, I even wilt my plants before using them, to lower their moisture content. However, this isn’t necessary with Mugwort.

During November, with the days growing colder, Mugwort plants begin to dying back, I usually do a last harvest before winter sets in. Folks have often questioned the potency of plant gathered so late in the season. All I can say is that I have made oil from the early Spring plants and those harvested at each stage of their development, right up until the frost finally kills the remaining stalks, and they have all done the trick, so I’m not concerned.

I am just thrilled that there is a common plant out there that can supply the remedy for the leg cramps that used to haunt my life. There is so much truth to the adage that nature provides. Now that I know all that I do about the miraculous power of plants, I cannot imagine being without my many plant friend, who have become so essential in my daily life.

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1 comentário

Lea Bailey
Lea Bailey
24 de ago. de 2021

Mr. Tappenden, how long to let the mugwort & oil infuse? Then do you add it to melted beeswax to form a salve? Thank you

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